I seriously feel a lot better now that I’ve written that off my chest.

I’m the most upset because you didn’t even give me a chance.
You found that thing that you pulled out and used it as a reason not to be with me. Immaturity. You’re doing to me what you’ve done to every single other girl you’ve been with.
You said you wanted change. You said you wanted to settle, you said you wanted something different.
I was beyond willing to give you that.
I wanted to show you how much I could be to you. How much I could mean to you. How much you mean to me.
A relationship is something you work at and bond over. It doesn’t just happen over night. And the fact that I was willing to make it work over all circumstances, even though you are a guy that is almost everything I said I would not want in a guy, makes me more mature than you. I am everything you could ask for. You saw how much we have in common. And I’ll miss so much the wave under the chin, especially since you were the only one who understood that. I’ll miss staying up until 3am with you on Skype, and still wake up in the morning feeling great with a smile on my face because I fell asleep with your smile embedded in my mind, and woke up with a text from you. “Text me when you wake up baby.” I’ll miss that to death. Even if it was only for a month long.
And I know that you’re probably reading this, getting more and more furious with every sentence, and you’re getting ready to go over to my profile to hit that block button. But that’s okay.
If you were willing to shove away a girl that was willing to put aside all differences and open her eyes and change her world for you…then you’re not ready to move on.
Just know that you did break my heart. But I will no longer try to prove myself to you. I am me. I am a tall, awkward white girl who tries to look cute in your snapback. I am a dancer, but I am still beyond uncoordinated. I am a goody two-shoes, but I get annoying and clingy and do bad things when I am upset. I am a pure simple lover, I enjoy so many tiny things in life…yet I will go overboard and push my way on through until I achieve what I desire.
I still haven’t unpacked my bag from that night…I honestly don’t really want to. It still smells really good and it’s full up untapped memories now.
Call me weird, but I love it.
You made a promise to me that we would see each other again, and I won’t ever stop looking forward to it. I’m sorry I ruined the mystery by opening up to you, especially about the negative things.
But I do have so much to thank you for. The one major thing is something I have not told you, everything else I believe I already have. But I want to say thank you for letting me find out that even though what I went through in my last relationship, and I thought my heart was completely shattered and tied off from ever loving again…thank you for letting me know that I can still learn to love again.
I can’t force you to love me, like me, want me, or miss me…. All I can do is hope you will. And just know that I’ll definitely miss you.
And I really hope someday you will talk to me again, I hope some day we can just start over.
And now that my eyes are filling up with tears as I’m typing this….I know I’ve said enough.
Just please, don’t ever ever ever forget me.

My Typical Thought Processes in Dance
Me: ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow sore sore sore sore sore sore sore sore kill me now kill me now kill me now movement is not possible right now
Me: How fast is the tempo? Lightspeed? Oh okay yes good, I can do that.
Me: Hmmm, how much crap can I eat between now and the next rehearsal?
Me: Dude, pizza sounds so fucking good right now.
Me: Whoops, that was supposed to be a double.
Me: I swear to God if we go over this one more time I will scream.
Me: OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO COOL GUYS I DID A REALLY COOL THING... No one saw that? Good. I didn't WANT you too.
Me: *makes awkward faces across the room at friends*
Me: Do not make me double-time this, do not make me double-time this, do not make me... Perfect.
Me: *pointe shoe snaps* Really? *dinosaur screams internally*
Me: *flails*
Me: MAN, that was a good class.

So true.


So true.


Put on tights

Put on leotard over tights

Put on shorts over leotard and tights

Put on sweater over leotard, shorts, and tights…

Now I have to pee

Story of my life.

My dance teacher’s motto


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Watching videos of myself dancing


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i think the most frustrating thing about being a dancer is being able to land 7 fouettes at midnight in a Walmart but not even being able to do a single in class


Yeah, pretty much.

Yeah, pretty much.